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5 Roles Of A Parent In Exam Preparedness Of Kids

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A parent always wishes that their kids would perform well in their exams. It is always an expectation of parent for their kids to get exceptional VCE results. The truth is, exams time is always stressful for children. They normally suffer from fear and tension in of exam preparedness. Everyone expects them to perform better in those exams and this worsens the tension that the kids have.

As a parent, you have a role to play in the success of your kid in their exams. There are few things that you can do and these can contribute to the greater success of your kids. Apart from meeting the basic needs such as providing school fees and other necessities, you can also inspire your kids in a way that will make them be prepared mentally for exams and this way you can expect good VCE results from your kid. Here are the roles you need to fulfill:

1. Talk With Your Kids About Exams

Most parent fails to talk about this topic with their kids but research has shown that when parents involved their kids in a discussion about exams, the feeling of nervousness lowers. You need to let your kids understand that it is normal to feel nervous during exams. Talk to them about the pressure they are putting in order to deliver certain results. Assure them that their hard work will definitely pay off. Also, ensure that you cultivate early preparation and revision for exams.

2. Help The Create Time For Exercise

Exercises are good during exams. It is a way of relaxation and refreshing. Avoid the urge to make your kids stick to the normal routine of eating, sleeping and studying. Instead, create time for your kids to get involved in physical exercise. During their revisions, encourage them to have regular breaks in between studies for exercise.

3. Give Them Good Diet

In addition to ensuring that they exercise, ensure that you are providing your kids with a healthy diet. Discourage the use of snacks, energy drinks, and fast foods, these will likely compromise their well-being. Instead, ensure that you are providing them with a healthy diet such as fruits and vegetables. Also, make sure that they are drinking enough water to stay hydrated.

4. Know What You Are Expecting From Them

Naturally, parents want their kids to perform well in their exams. Kids already pressure themselves to exceed your expectations. However, additional pressure and demands can be overwhelming and instead of making your kid perform better, they end up making them perform poorly. Ensure that you are placing realistic expectations on your kids. Discuss with them about it so that they will be inspired to work harder to meet those expectations.

5. Reassure Them Of Support No matter The Outcomes

Parents ought to continuously reassure their kids of support and love no matter the VCE results they get. This way, you will ease the worry they might have to wonder what you will do if they fail to perform as you expected. Parents ought to reassure their kids that there is life after exams. Let them know that exams will not determine their future.

When you put the above into practice, you will be cultivating self-confidence of your kids. This confidence will enable them to do their exams and get colorful results.

Getting Into the Building Trade? What You Should Know

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Though the construction industry has always been a challenging career to pursue, in recent times it has certainly developed and improved, mainly thanks to technological advancements. With machinery and building techniques now absolutely cutting edge, working in construction has become much more efficient and less demanding as before. That said however, it still remains to be one of the more difficult trades, so if you are thinking of pursuing it, bear that in mind. It requires both physical and mental stamina, although if you do it right, you can look forward to enjoying some great benefits down the line.
Image Source – Pexels

Apply For Traineeships

Just like with any other job, starting out in this industry takes some time and effort. When you are young and do not yet have the proper experience, you need to spend some time working towards accumulating it. When it comes to an industry like construction in particular, it is incredibly important that one is well-versed in what they are doing. Hence, applying for traineeships should be one of the first things you do, whether you are kick-starting your working life or whether you are switching careers. Though they are not really focused on pay, you will be able to build the skills you need to start off.

Obtain Qualifications

Some argue that hands-on experience is what counts and to an extent they are correct. However, even for an industry as practical as construction, it pays to have some qualifications secured under your belt. You can browse through trade courses online to get a feel for what is out there, and know which of them suits your requirements the best. Perhaps you have to study with a family at home and hence work around a tight schedule. Maybe you are paying for it through a loan or in instalments. Look for facilities the institute may provide you withbefore you sign up so it will be as smooth as possible.

Learn the Disciplines

There are different disciplines in construction that you can choose from, you just have to have some idea of which you would enjoy being in the most. It is a little difficult to decide straight off the bat, but hopefully once you know a bit more, you can make a more informed decision. You should actually understand the industry in its entirety. Simply studying only what is relevant to you will not suffice. You can hope to succeed only if you bother to make the effort and look into the workings of it as a whole unit.

Speak To People

In the industry that is. It will seriously help you get a better idea of what to expect. Additionally and very importantly as well, you can figure out what the future looks like with this career.Is there demand for it where you are? What sort of benefits can you expect? What does your career look like 5 years from now? Will you enjoy it? Though you can never have 100% accurate answers about the future, you can of course paint a general picture which you can work with. Look out for industry professionals, and make some time to interact with them for your sake.