Who doesn’t love electronic gadgets? From smartphones and headphones to computers and health apps no matter your age, almost everyone is into a little bit of electronic gadget happiness. Besides being fun to play with, did you know that these electronic gadgets could assist you with your workout endeavors as well? According to an article, there are many gadgets that can be augmented with your smartphone to help you out while you workout. From gym-goers to calorie counters and beyond, you don’t have to go your health and fitness journey alone. Some of the electronic gadgets that are useful while working out include: Finis Neptune (music player for swimmers), Misfit Shine (for tracking movements), Sportiiiis (heart rate tracker for cycling), iSp02 Pulse Oximeter (track blood oxygenation and pulse rate), HAPIfork (assists in reducing your eating pace), Fitbit Aria (for watching body fat percentage and BMI), Trace (advance tracker for extreme sports), Amiigo Fitness Bracelet (workout tracker), Sensoria Smart Sock (measure pressure), and Umoro One (protein mix bottle). According to an article by PC magazine, if you regularly workout, you should plan on investing a minimum of $149 for your workout gadget. You know the saying, ‘you get what you pay for’ so don’t skimp when it comes to your workout gadget especially if you plan on using it on a regular basis.

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