Congratulations, you’re finally an adult, free to do just as you please. Congratulations, that also comes with big responsibilities. Students the world over aren’t know for their extensive buying power and most, in fact, live on a shoestring budget. How can buying a dependable, used car fit into that budget, you might ask. It’s quite possible, is the easy answer, with a little bit of research and Internet savvy.

When contemplating buying your first car, you should first remove from your mind any preconceived notion of what you think that car should be. It’s likely the vehicle of your daydreams is neither practical, or at a price point you can afford right now. Relax though, those days will come for you with hard work, perseverance and wise financial choices at this early adult stage in your life.

Once you’ve put the daydreams at bay, head over to for some valuable research time. Here you can access articles on the most dependable car makes and models, estimate the true cost of car ownership by car type and estimate payments in order to have a better understanding of what you can afford. As a student, you can forgo the trappings of luxury this go round and instead buy something that will reliably get you from point a to point b for the least expense out of pocket as possible.

If you’ve found a car near you that has peaked your interest, you can use the vehicle identification number that’s attached to the car to run a history check on the car. This check will tell you about service and maintenance performed on the car which will in turn signal that a car has been well taken care of, or not. The check will also let you know if the vehicle has been involved in any accidents. Past accidents and extensive work on the motor or body could explain issues that might arise in the future. Learning about a car’s history is a critical step in the car buying process well before you ever get to the negotiations.

Speaking of negotiations, muster the courage and gumption to ask for what you want and stick to your guns. Car dealers are in the business of making money and they have no qualms about squeezing every cent out of you. Learn what the car you’re interested in is worth from resources like and don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage of. Considering these tips and words of advice will ensure you are treated fairly, get a good deal and can depend on the car you ultimately drive off the lot.