Accounting software is designed to process business accounting information and transactions. The software keeps a business up to date with all data necessary to monitor its financial progress and, importantly, complete tax returns in a compliant format acceptable to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Bespoke software, with a built-in understanding of your particular business model, will track and interpret your cash flow. The information revealed can help detect the need for policy changes and working practices. It will, furthermore, collate data in much the same way as your accountant, but won’t charge a hefty fee for doing so!

Good accounting software will save your business time and money!

No matter whether you’re a huge corporation or a modest sole trader, there’s software available that’ll help ease your tax return blues.

However, computer software is only as good as its designers.

What makes for a good accounting software designer?

Before you make any judgments as to the validity of accountancy software, first check out the credentials of the author or authors.

An accounting software designer should have a background within the business industry, or at the very least be a part of a team with a range of business experiences.

Therefore, it makes sense to look toward a company with;

A team of experts in both software design and business
Excellent testimonials from satisfied clients
HMRC approved and compliant software
A support line, for swift ongoing assistance
Future-proofed software that can be updated or adapted to accommodate your particular requirements.
HMRC are becoming ever more focused upon the promotion of online digital tax returns. They are determined to Make Tax Digital (MTD). So, it is now advisable to choose a company that has;

Direct and ongoing ‘conversations’ with HMRC in respect of new tax return criteria.
The future is here!

Digital data recording has signalled the demise of labour intensive scribblings; filing cabinets crammed with reams of hieroglyphics are gradually being consigned to skips.

Accountancy has a new, more user friendly and efficient persona. Individual businesses, thanks to outstanding software developments, now have absolute and up to date control over their finances and tax returns.

Accountancy firms are certainly expected to be software savvy. Their business acumen and expertise has certainly been an influential guide in the government’s ambitions for their MTD policy.

The BTCSoftware Company
The BTCSoftware Company is an online business software guru. That accolade is backed-up by their Software Excellence Award 2017!

BTSC really do have their eye on the ball; HMRC approved software and regular consultations with that department ensure their ‘product’ is constantly up to date, compliant and extremely user friendly.

For any company, any size, a free consultation with BTSC makes sense; whether you are planning to enter the digital dynasty of merely seeking to upgrade to a more efficient, cost effective system.