One of the most difficult phases of trying to continue the online education of children amidst the covid-19 pandemic is the idea of having them sit in front of the computer and expect them to function normally. One of the bad sides of having classes held in online or digital spaces is the concept of isolation. When students are isolated from their peers of classmates what they eventually feel is that they usually wither in terms of their zest.

Commitment and motivation in pursuing their studies because there are no social rewards left for them to have in such interaction. And also, the stress of the academic load and academic tasks becomes even heavier as they just sit in front of the screen rather than become proactive about it. Thus, it falls on the teachers to bring back their motivation and interest in school. Here are some tips in doing so.

Give Praise

During online meeting with the students always make sure that you greet then and acknowledge their presence. The idea here is that by the mere acknowledgement that they get from a person of authority such a as teacher, it indirectly motivates students to do more or to do better with the task thinking that the person of authority knows them by name and is actually making real effort to know him or her. Also, on good thing about these online meets is that teachers can become more accustomed in seeing and interacting with their students and along with it is the capability to effectively give praises to students especially if they have done a good job on a task.

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Hold Traditional Rites

Also, another thing to consider among school administrators is that traditional rites must also continue even if it means that such rites are done in a manner that is unique and somehow uncommon, it must be pushed through. Many students were not able to experience such school activities and rites because of the limits and restrictions, thus it is important to create a sense of continuity in each school activity. Some schools did rent telepresence robot in their graduation rites for their senior high school students, these might come off as a trivial event but for the students it is not, it is a validation of their hard-earned accomplishment.

Give E-Certificates

Since there will be no seminars and trainings yet, teachers can generate learning sessions for their students and can then generate tasks for those sessions, and when everything has been done, assessed, and reported, the teachers can then send e-certificates to their students for accomplishing and finishing the said sessions and doing the related tasks. Since many of these students are born in the digital era of the internet age many of them will truly appreciate such effort even if it is given in a digital format.

Maintain Communication

Lastly, teachers can maintain communication with using other means other than social media. Teachers can create YouTube channels for their classes or even create blog sites that are dedicated for class use. There are so many ways to open a digital space for communicating with the students because the truth of the matter is, communication is vital. 

As much as parents would have wanted to have to send their children in an traditional face-to-face class, sometimes the policies and restrictions in one’s country is too much and the risks are too high, especially during these times of the pandemic.